Nature One Dairy Infant Formula – Follow On (6-12 months) – Carton (6 Tins)

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Follow-On (6 – 12 months)

Your baby deserves the best. Nature One Dairy is proud to bring you Nature One Dairy Infant formula and to share our series of infant nutrition with your baby.

Made from 100% Australian milk and finest ingredients, we are proud to be able to display the “Australian Made” logo. All of our ingredients used in the manufacture of all our infant formula are subjected to the highest level of scrutiny, microbiological, chemical testing and analysis. All our testing is carried out by nationally and NATA accredited laboratory’s both here in Australia and overseas.

Our series of infant formula are manufactured to meet the nutritional needs of the 3 stages of infant development.

All of our 3 stages contain the following:

  • Australian lactose (as a source of carbohydrates);
  • Australian Whey Protein Concentrate (as a protein source);
  • FOS and GOS (prebiotics added to support the growth of beneficial gut microflora);
  • Nucleotides (compounds which play a role in almost all biological processes; they are the building blocks for DNA and RNA);
  • Australian Whole Milk Powder;
  • Taurine (important for liver function);
  • L-carnitine (improves energy levels; and improves brain function);
  • Lutein (plays an important role in vision and eye health);
  • Biotin (helps break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates into usable energy in your body);
  • Choline (plays an important role in brain and memory development);
  • Inositol (an essential nutrient for cells); and
  • Essential and added Vitamins and Minerals.

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