Find a use for your used tins

Ever wondered what you could do with your empty formula tins? Well, don’t throw them away, create your own masterpiece! The possibilities are endless. Send us in a picture of your new use for your empty tins and you could a carton of formula of your choice.

Meet the new kids on the block…Oli6

The formula industry welcomes new player Oli6 a premium goats milk formula with the natural prebiotic ‘oligos’ found in goats milk which structurally closest to breast milk compared to other drinking milks.

Goat’s milk baby formula is a safe alternative feeding choice to other dairy based formulas and may be of assistance for formula-fed toddlers who experience unexplained digestive is comfort that is not related to food allergy or intolerance.

Formula Warehouse…just launched!

Infant formulas have been making headlines of late as Australian families struggle to purchase supplies for their children. Overseas demand has put pressure on Australian in-store retailers who simply do not have the stock or time to replenish shelves. More